Such Good Reasoning

On Sports Tonight, Ron Borges claimed that all NFL quarterbacks know that nothing is done to a game ball that they don’t want done, and because of that assumption Brady must be guilty.

Such poor reasoning has been displayed nationwide by the least accomplished scribblers to the most decorated journalists and personalities and even the most grossly-overpaid private investigator-lawyer on the planet: Theodore Wells (reportedly paid $45 million for the Brady-balls affair). Folks, we’re in the wrong damn businesses…

Here is Borges: “Because they (NFL quarterbacks) all know…  They know nothing’s done with those balls that the quarterback doesn’t want done.

Gee, Ron, remember that for the Championship game against the lackluster Colts Brady demanded footballs be inflated to 13 psi. He didn’t want floppy balls, especially in those conditions. The gig was a set-up.

The rest of the tiny piece that I took the quote from is at

It isn’t much, but if you’re interested, there you have it.

Y’all enjoy your day.


About Brian D. Sadie / eloquentb

Brian D. Sadie is president of the film company Eloquent Bastard Productions. He was formerly Executive Director of The Joseph K. Foundation: On Privacy and was recruited and hired as an analyst for the Defense Intelligence Agency. His writing appears in publications as diverse as The Economist, Boston Book Review, TeenLife, and Informationen der Gesellschaft für politische Aufklarüng. Mr. Sadie is often a featured contributor to educational and Ed Tech entities about education and literacy. He graduated with honors from Harvard University in History and Middle Eastern Studies and was a Pew Fellow at Boston University at the Institute of Culture, Religion and World Affairs. He is an ardent sports fan and equally ardent critic of the business of sports.
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