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Brian D. Sadie is president of the film company Eloquent Bastard Productions. He was formerly Executive Director of The Joseph K. Foundation: On Privacy and was recruited and hired as an analyst for the Defense Intelligence Agency. His writing appears in publications as diverse as The Economist, Boston Book Review, TeenLife, and Informationen der Gesellschaft für politische Aufklarüng. Mr. Sadie is often a featured contributor to educational and Ed Tech entities about education and literacy. He graduated with honors from Harvard University in History and Middle Eastern Studies and was a Pew Fellow at Boston University at the Institute of Culture, Religion and World Affairs. He is an ardent sports fan and equally ardent critic of the business of sports.

Brady, Goodell, Round 536

According to Goodell, the court upheld reinstatement because the CBA gave the commissioner complete authority to render judgement on issues of player discipline. “Well, this wasn’t about the actual violation.” Goodell said when it was noted that no violation had … Continue reading

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The King is Dead: Long Live the King

The King is Dead: Long Live the King By Brian D. Sadie, 17 June, 2015. Image from Chalk ad by Nike Nothing seems to elicit more public fervor and argument than popularly recognized greatness in sports. Add notions of individual … Continue reading

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Links to Other Material (Prehistory Lives and Dinosaurs Rock)

The links below are for additional writings, some previously published, and some of that long ago in old print magazines and journals. My old boss had greenish-brown scales from his paternal T-rex granddad and his secretary (not personal assistant) had … Continue reading

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A Brief Dispatch from Prague

Letters Home – or to An Approximation of It Seven years ago I’d written some family and colleague-friends immediately after returning to the hotel room from surveying Prague and environs for shooting locations over a full and sleepless two days … Continue reading

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Mr. Huckabee’s Crusade

by Brian D. Sadie 5 February, 2015 This post contains a longer editorial version of an op-ed written at the same time and submitted to the major papers, including the Washington Post, the first week of February, when Mike Huckabee … Continue reading

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Such Good Reasoning

On Sports Tonight, Ron Borges claimed that all NFL quarterbacks know that nothing is done to a game ball that they don’t want done, and because of that assumption Brady must be guilty. Such poor reasoning has been displayed nationwide … Continue reading

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A little Deflategate to lighten the day

If you’re into football, or footballs, or, as some I know are, just Tom Brady, you might enjoy a comprehensive and intelligent article about the silliness known as deflategate and the business of the NFL. My article is at reading

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