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Dignity and Negotiation: Palestine and Peace

by Brian D. Sadie / 21 March 2013 Shortly after the formal end of Gulf War hostilities in 1991, during the Iraqi uprising against Saddam Hussein, I wrote a feature about the US and Middle East. Inspired by discussions with … Continue reading

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Obama, Romney, and Personal Character

It’s election day. Do you know your candidate? This is to help uncertain voters… The American economy: Comeback kid (The Economist, July 14th 2012) opened with a funny but useful suggestion of how the candidates might see each other: Romney … Continue reading

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Private Thoughts, Public Sphere: Why a Candidate’s Beliefs Matter

Yet again campaign blather inspires a trip to the keyboard for notes about personal things and power and why a candidate’s beliefs matter. The issue of the right to marry again figures. Most everyone accepts a compromise regarding personal autonomy, particularly … Continue reading

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One Nation or Many? A Voting Law for Every State

I’ve just been listening to some forth-and-back about voting regulations and laws and people being kept from voting, even in their home towns. It seems that considerable energy, ink, and money has been devoted to the issue. The problem is … Continue reading

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